Is COL Financial Website hacked?

This is what most of the netizen have been asking recently. This was caused by an error when they tried to log in to COL Financial website Friday, February 8, 2019.

This was reported earlier by the tech site Tech PatrolCOL Financial Website Hacked?!? In the article, the author had a short answer and it was clear that the site is not hacked.

But what if the site is hacked? How do you protect your account?

5 Tips To Secure Your COL Financial Account

COL Financial website is a browser-only website as of this posting. There is no COL Financial (Mobile) App yet.

Some experts suggest that stocks and crypto-related websites that involve trading have a better experience on a desktop. That’s is probably the reason why COL Financial is still browser-based.

1. Basic: Use a strong password

Go back to basics.


Do not use simple passwords. Do not use your birthday as your password. Do not use your wife/husband’s name as your password.

A strong password is a combination of at least one capital letter, a few lowercase characters, numbers, and a special character.

2. Use 2FA (If available)

If a website offers two-factor authentication, always enable it.

There are several ways to implement 2FA. The most basic is the SMS authentication, this is where a code is sent to your enrolled phone number before you can finally access your dashboard.

The bad news is that COL Financial does not offer 2FA at the moment. Maybe we can file an online petition using the platform?

3. Change your password regularly

For goodness sake, please, do, it.

Your account with COL Financial, whether you are a trader or an investor, contains your hard-earned money. Make sure that it is well-protected.

So as often as possible, change your COL Financial password.

This is a must for people who access the broker’s site on public computers (i.e. PISO Net, PC’s on hotel lobbies, etc).

4. Check for unusual activity on your COL dashboard

Upon login, check your dashboard.

Do you see an unusual activity?

How do you spot it? Check the “Last login” details in your dashboard.

Make it a habit to check this part of the dashboard before you proceed on buying and selling stocks on COL Financial.

If you suspect that the date and time stamp was not the last time you log in, report it immediately to COL financial customer support.

The fastest way to contact COL Financial customer support is by calling the hotline. COL hotline is +63 2 6515 888.

The best way is to send them an email to make your report documented. Send your concern to

5. Log out your account, don’t close the browser

Again, if you are accessing your account from a public computer, or you are using a shared computer, log out your account.

Do not close the browser.

Log out.

Because when you close the browser, it saves the history of the recently-browsed website. The next person may steal your credential.

Make it a practice. Not just your COL Financial account. It should apply to ALL your accounts, may it be your Google, Facebook, or online banking. Log out your account.

Bonus: Do not click links from emails from strange people

Bad people will do anything to crash into your account. They will send emails to trick you.

They will send an email to “verify” your account.

They will ask you to click a link from a similar-looking website.

Never trust email from an unknown sender.

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER TIPS on how to secure your account? Share them in the comments section.

Be protected always.

Follow our Five (5) Tips in Securing Your COL Financial Account.

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