NO FEES. Until further notice.

This was confirmed by ABRA in their updated blog post on February 22, 2018.

The initial good news for Abra traders came after the redesign of their main app screen to display the entire portfolio.

In the home screen of ABRA mobile app, you can see all your Abra holdings plus the current Php equivalent, if you may call it that way.

In their previous announcement, ABRA said:

In celebration of our new design, there will be no fees on all currency exchanges for the next 2 weeks! The promotion will start on Wednesday February 7th at 9am PST and end on Wednesday February 21st at 9am PST.

But it has changed recently to this:

Update: We have decided to extend this promotion indefinitely! There will be no fees on all currency exchanges until further notice

Truly a good news for Filipino traders who have dipped their fingers into buying and selling Bitcoin & Ethereum.

But wait, that freebie is limited only to your deposit straight from your bank account into bitcoin, exchange between crypto and fiat currencies.

Now, if you want to become liquid and you want to draw money, the regular withdrawal fees still apply.



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